Follow us around the world to discover the most beautiful cities and places in the world. We collect for you the newest Fashion and Lifestyle inspirations.


  • Los Angeles

    'The City of Angels' is a place that invites you to dream big and  where fashion trends origin. Everyone wants to have what the celebrities wear.

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  • Spain

    Discover our IBIZA LOVE Collection. This collection is inspired by the magical island Ibiza and its stunning nature and unique spirit.

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  • Italy

    One of Schiffhauer Munich's production sites is located in the north of Italy.

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  • Hawaii

    It feels like as if you landed on a different planet. Just like in a different world where everything feels so peaceful.

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  • France

    No matter if you are traveling to Cannes, Èze or St. Tropez. Along the Côte d'Azur anyone will find a little place to rest and enjoy the french lifestyle.

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  • Dubai

    Dubai is an inspiration in itself. It is a stunning place and in Dubai, anything seems to be possible. It is a place that sparkles during the day and in the night.

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  • Bali

    Bali is an incredible place in this world. In Bali, pictures speak louder than words!

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  • Austria

    Schiffhauer Munich has a great love for Austria. The hospitality of the austrian people and the counties magnificent landscapes make Austria one of a kind.

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  • Australia

    Australia is a continent that offers such a great variety. No matter if you are traveling down the East Coast to visit the international metropoles Sydney and Brisbane, or if you are visiting the most beautiful beaches...

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